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Personally, I really don’t believe in God. But I do believe in “When God takes something away, He gives you something else in return”.

For example, my first choice for tertiary education was to get into Ngee Ann’s Psychology course but heck, maybe I was unlucky. I got into Singapore Polytechnic’s Applied Drama & Psychology course instead. Guess I can safely say that I was a dumb ass in making such an impulsive decision to instantly put SP as my 3rd choice simply because of the word, “Psychology”.

But wait, Applied Drama? What in the world is that? What has drama got to do with psychology? What the hell have I gotten myself into?

I got good grades, better than what I had expected. But look, just a minor mistake in choices, it sort of made my good grades pointless. Then of course, the dejected me had to do my own homework on the course I was posted to in order to know what I should be prepared for. 

Then -

I realized, that it really wasn’t as bad as I thought. Applied Drama sounded interesting. And for the very first time, I stopped having doubts about the relevance between Applied Drama & Psychology itself. I said to myself, “Hey shit, this course looks pretty amazing actually, maybe it was a blessing in disguise!” 

Yeah, I could still be a psychologist after I further my studies and earn my degree. So, it doesn’t matter where I end up at, SP still has Psychology for me (Even though it’s probably not as concentrated as in Ngee Ann’s). I can still carve out a career for myself that I truly like. And heck! Truth to be told, I think I could never survive 3 years of just plain psychology so maybe Applied Drama could really be a blessing in disguise! 

Ya know, spicing things up in the classroom. 

Yeah, even if “God” did take away my first choice of school but of course, it gave me something of the same par, maybe somewhat suitable for me instead. So I say, sometimes, in life, we really can’t worry too much about the choices we make. We can’t know what plans fate has in stored for us, that’s why life is an adventure.

Even if I somehow don’t do well eventually but make it up with efforts and still end up as a psychologist, there would be so much to look back in life when I get old. 

If everything in life goes too smoothly, then really, what is the meaning of your life? 

Sometimes, tweak your mindset a little. You’ll be happier instead.

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